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Everything You Need To Create & Write Amazing Stories and Novels

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Everything You Need To Create & Write Amazing Stories and Novels

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  • Free - Build Three-Dimensional Characters

  • Free - Develop Layered Plots

  • Free - Identify Relevant Themes

  • Free - Integrate Meaningful Subplots

  • Free - Structure with Three or More Acts

  • Free - Use the Simple Story Timeline

  • Free - Use the Story Triangulation Tool

  • Free - Create Genuine Conflict and Drama

  • Free - Create One Project At Time

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  • Free - Access Your Work From Anywhere

  • Free - Write Your Book or Novel With Side-By-Side Notes

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    What Can You Do With Chapter Control?

    Create Characters

    Create deep and relevant three-dimensional characters that are perfect for your stories.

    Build Plots

    Use the "Simple Story Timeline" to make sure you are telling rich and well thought-out stories.

    Identify Themes

    Explore the relevant themes and deeply rooted ideas that are hidden beneath the surface.

    Layers and Subplots

    Express true story and character depth in order to bring real and meaningful subplots to life.

    Structure Your Acts

    Identify and structure every part of your story ensuring there is a clear beginning, middle and end.

    Triangulate Your Stories

    Ensure your characters have proper arcs using the built-in "Story Triangulation" tool.

    Work With Partners

    Utilize real-time collaboration tools with your writing partners, editors, or even your entire team.

    Write Your Drafts

    Draft your novels or books with your built-in, easily referenced details, cards, and notes.

    Writing Novels Made Easy(er) With...

    Chapter Control

    Chapter Control will help you write truly great stories with relevant and well developed themes and characters starting from any point in the creative process. Even if you are only starting with a basic premise, character, setting, or even just an idea for a theme, this software will guide you and help you construct complete and compelling stories beginning from wherever you are at in your creativity.

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    The Tool Used By Professional Storytellers.

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    This story program is the most useful tool I have ever seen...

    They have developed a unique and extremely useful program to assist writers in developing a fool proof story. The best tool for helping map out a successful story.

    Rocky Lang, Producer/Director/Writer, White Squall (A Ridley Scott Film), Nervous Ticks, Titanic

    With Chapter Control structure is just done for you...

    Good story telling starts with good structure… and good structure starts with Chapter Control. This software is like structure on steroids.  With Chapter Control structure is just done for you. (Very Cool.)

    Andy Jenkins, Producer and Partner: Haxan Films

    I was able to re-craft the entire outline and get it to my Producers for approval.

    In fact, it was inspiring. I had been struggling with the 3rd act and putting off delivery, but with the help of Plot Control it was like I plowed through a creative wall. 

    Steven Goldmann, DGA, DGC, Broken Bridges (Paramount), Trailer Park of Terror (Summit)

    I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs....

    In the 15 years I’ve been writing for TV and film, I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs. This is why movies used to be better than they are now. 

    Jeremy Miller, Writer/Producer: Entourage, Boston Public, We Are Marshall, Ghost of Girlfriends Past

    At a glance, I can view everything on one page pictorially...

    The way it’s organized, it forces you to fill in the information that makes your story more complete, while at the same time it simplifies the process, so you can keep your mind focused on storytelling. 

    Cindy Lichtman: Ally McBeal, The Practice

    Now I have all my ideas in one place, I can print an outline anytime...

    My family is sick of hearing me say how much I love this software, but it’s exciting to use something that forces me to focus on the story, plot, characters, subplots, theme. You’ve made a great product. I love you guys.

    Bettie Styurak, Creative Writer Software Client

    I recently bought a copy of your software, and I have to say it’s awesome...

    I finally have a concrete system for outlining. Up until now my spiral notebook of random ideas was my prewriting process, but I can now focus on the use of proper story structure.

    Ryan Binse, Creative Writer Software Client

    This program is definitely worth its weight in gold...

    Initially I thought, yeah, just another software I’ll buy and won’t use… but this program is definitely worth its weight in gold. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable program.

    Kim Jacobs, Creative Writer Software Client

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    Plots. Characters. Themes.

    Create Your Story. Write Your Novel!


    Chapter Control Software Makes Developing A Story And Writing A Novel Easy(er)!

    The Most Powerful Story Building Tool Ever Created!

    Chapter Control.